Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Web application at "" could not be found in WCF with SharePoint server object model

Problem Background

I was creating a WCF in Visual Studio 2012 using C# as the programming language and when I call SharePoint server object model in the WCF there was an exception saying The Web application at "" could not be found.

Solution Background

Its because IIS hosted WCF sites use ApplicationPoolIdentity as its user. This is not authorized to SharePoint farm. So we have to give farm administrators credential in order to access SharePoint server.


  • Open IIS 
  • Go to "Application Pools" 
  • Click on your WCF Service site 
  • Click on "Advanced Setting"

  • Click the corner "Identity" under Process Model in order to change the identity

  • Select "Custom account" and click "Set"

  • There give your farm administrator user name and password.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Disable the option for creating a new folder in sharepoint 2010

Problem Background

Some of clients want the users nolt to create New Folder in a document library.


  • Open the specified document library. 
  • Go to "Library Setting"
  • Click "Advanced Setting"

  • Go to "Folders" section and "No" option for "Make New Folder command available"


    Now the "New Folder" option is disabled.

    But still users can create folders through Explorer Mode. ;)