Monday, July 29, 2013

Outlook | Hotmail app for Android doesn't sync or work


I primary email Id is hotmail and usually I use my android phone to check mail while travelling. Earlier Microsoft had a hotmail application to check mails and later their upgraded to outlook application. Once it is updated to outlook application it stopped working. 
The issue with the APN setting in the phone. When I changed it it worked perfectly. Please give a try if you are facing the same issue. 


Do the below change and it would work for you. 
  1. Go to "Access Point Names" (In Samsung S2 (Jelly Beans OS) Setting -> More Setting -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Name)
  2. There give the below setting as APN setting
    • Name: WEB
    • APN: XXXXXX (Your APN Name)
    • Proxy: Not Set
    • User Name: Not Set
    • Password: Not Set
    • Server: Not Set
    • MMSC: Not Set
    • MMS Proxy: Not Set
    • MMS Port: Not Set
    • MCC: 413
    • MNC: 01
    • Authentication type: None
    • APN Type: default, supl
    • APN Protocol: IPv4
    • Enable/disable APN: APN enabled
    • Bearer: Unspecified
  3. Save and restart your phone.


Now your outlook application should work and sync the data with the online version.  

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