Thursday, March 9, 2017

Change the Language of SharePoint List Template

Problem Background

Recently I had to save a list as “List Template” from my client’s SharePoint Online site (which the language is configured to French) and upload to my SharePoint site (the language is English) and create a list using that particular List Template.

However, the list template was not displayed when I try to create a new list by navigating to “Add an App”. This is because of the language is not the same.


So, what I did was to change the language of the list template.

Step 1

Download the List Template from SharePoint List Template Gallery. The extension of the list template file would be “.stp”.

Step 2

Change the extension from “.stp” to “.cab” as given blow.


Step 3

Extract the file and you will be getting a “manifest.xml” file


Step 4

Open the .xml file a note page and change the language to your desired language number and save it.


You can get the language ID list from the below url.

Step 5

Open PowerShell and navigate to the folder where your manifest.xml is located and run the below script.

 makecab manifest.xml [Name of the list template].stp

My one looks as below.


Hit Enter and your List Template will be created.



Now your list template is created with new Language. You can upload to List Template Gallery and you can start creating the list.



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