Saturday, January 6, 2018

Cannot add .Net Standard 2.0 Class as .Net Type in Workflow Foundation Activity Designer projects in Visual Studio 2017


I was working on Workflow Foundation 4.5 using Activity Designer Library template in Visual Studio 2017.

Problem Background

When I try to add a class library as input Type through Type Browser in Activity designer it shows an error as “The selected type could not be created” as shown in the image below.


I compared another machine with the latest update of Visual Studio which was working fine. The problem seems to be I didn’t have .Net framework 4.6.2 SDK and .Net framework 4.7 SDK installed.



I modified the Visual Studio as below using Visual Studio Installer.



You will can refer .Net Standard 2.0 projects and dlls in workflow foundation project templates and use without any issue.

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  1. An absolutely identical error was at installation Visual Studio 2012 on Windows 10.
    When I faced it I had to surf many forums before I found that special file which was necessary and recover msvcp140.dll missing In principle, last stage, after a lengthy setup and compilation by all sides has been gained I also reached pretty success in Visual Studio project.