Thursday, December 16, 2021

SharePoint On-premise (Tech Lead+) Interview Questions and Answers - 01

What are zones and what are the type of Zones in SharePoint?

Zones are the logical paths for accessing the same web application. For each web application, five zones can be created, and they are:
    • Default
    • Intranet
    • Extranet
    • Internet
    • Custom

What are the databases which are created when we install a SharePoint farm?

The Configuration, Central Administration Content, and Content databases are the three databases that are automatically installed when you deploy SharePoint Server.

Provide couple of Backup and restore best practices in SharePoint Server. 

  • Minimize latency between SQL Server and the backup location
  • Avoid processing conflicts
  • Keep databases small for faster recovery times
  • Use incremental backups for large databases
  • Follow SQL Server backup and restore optimization recommendations
  • Configure SharePoint settings to improve backup or restore performance
  • Consider site collection size when you determine the tools to use
Is it smart to have your backups on the C drive of your server where your SQL server instance is running?
  • No

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