Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Start a thread in Microsoft Teams channel via Email


You can start a thread in a Microsoft Teams channel by directly sending an email to a Microsoft Team channel, so that the channel members can see, like save and reply to the thread.

Also you can share the channel email address with the third party, so that they can email to the channel using their own email address like gmail, yahoo and others.


Step 01

Login to and go to Team and click on three dots “…” of your channel.

Step 02

Then click on Get email address.


Step 03

Once you click you will get a popup with channel email address. Copy the email address and you can start a thread directly by sending email.



You can see my two threads started via email. The first one is by using Office 365 email and the second one by my personal Hotmail.



By today the reply to a thread started via a email can only be seen in Microsoft Teams.


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