Tuesday, October 12, 2021

SPFx Routing is not reflecting in browser


I was trying to implement routing in my SharePoint Framework webpart. The webpart working fine but only the issue is the Hash url is not reflected in the browser. 

This is because if the isDomainIsolated  is set to true. When it is set to true the webpart is embedded into a iFrame. 


Change the isDomainIsolated into false in package-solution.json under config folder. 

"isDomainIsolated": false,

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Office Ui Fabric Pivot control Overflow issue in SPFx


office-ui-fabric-react is recommended to use with SharePoint Framework.

With the Office UI Fabric React there is a overflow issue in Pivot. The overflow doesn't work as expected. 

  • Install @fluentui/react-tabs 
    • npm -i @fluentui/react-tabs
  • Import the package to your React component 
    • import { Pivot, PivotItem } from '@fluentui/react-tabs';
  • Add overflow code to the Pivot 
    • overflowBehavior="menu"


Friday, August 27, 2021

SharePoint Framework (SPFx) starting points


In this blog post we will look at some basic SPFx ideas for a easy start on SPFx. These points can be changed according to the individual and I'm sharing these points based only on my own experience.