Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Upgrade process of SharePoint Hosted Add-in

After developing a SharePoint hosted Add-in, we can publish them in Office store or tenant app catalog. When the add-ins are published in Office store and app catalog sites, they track add-in’s version numbers. When an add-in is installed, the version number is recorded for the particular add-in instance.

For an example, let’s say we have published a SharePoint hosted add-in with the version number Now you have to upgrade the add-in after some modification.

For that, you can just increase the version number in AppManifest.xml in the solution.


Then you have to publish the add-in to the office store or app catalog site again. In App catalog you just have to replace the package.

Then in Site Content page a message will show as “An update for this add-in is available” near the add-in name, as shown below.


According to Microsoft, it will take maximum of 24 hours to appear in Site Content page. My one also took around 24 hours to display, the message.

Then click on “update” and click on “GET IT” button. Also you have trust it.

Note, that the Update for the add-in is not forced. You can update the add-in only if you wish to.

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